Since the raising of YouTube and various enthusiastic bloggers your weekly visit to your local music store (and its more or less competent staff) is more and more replaced by simply surfing the internet. You have blogs, forums etc. and: homepages of companies! If you still have questions after all this you don‘t purchase.

That is: If you want to sell something that is not easily available in every second store for testing, you have to make your customers decision as easy a possible. Give him every information he might want to have or needs. Pictures, soundfiles, videos. Don‘t leave him to hobby-testers with little skills, less taste and walmart-surplus-cams.

That‘s „content“. Info, hard facts. Content is crucial. Content speaks clearly: what is it, what does it look like, how does it sound? Is it for me? Should I spend money on it?
And this content I deliver.

I‘ll try to be right in the middle: Far above homemade in terms of quality, but leaving the really expensive stuff to others:
just look at these „categories“ to fully understand „middle“:

catagory 1
No content available. „coming soon...“ „under construction“

catagory 2
Hobby. Do-it-yourself. That‘s: shaky and blurred pictures, overexposed details (so you have a flash, I see), descriptions no one seems to get, scratchy audiofiles.
All good intent, but no help at all.

catagory 3 (Middle)
Now here I feel at home. Well-lit and in focus, cool videos, nice pics. Solid and clean audio. Could always have more „chic“ etc., but leaves no questions unanswered.
Best ratio of effort and effect.

catagory 4
Nice and sweet. Got something to it. Chic! More attractive but more expensive.

catagory 5
High-End. Leaving everyone with GAS (Gear-Aquirement-Syndrome).
Extremely nice-y, but also really pricey.